Pollution Impacts Your Skin 🚭⁣⁣

Pollution is increasing in the world we live in and it is unavoidable.⁣

⁣Pollution has been found to affect the skin and its appearance. It's not pseudoscience. Recent research shows that the particles of pollution are so small that they enter our pores.⁣

⁣It can make your skin look dull, as well as contribute to aging. It also has been shown to contribute to the formation of pigmentation marks on the skin. Pollution also causes inflammation and it can affect acne due to the free radicals released.⁣

⁣Skin Detox is literally a detoxification cream for the skin. It prevents the particles from entering the skin and mitigates the damage.⁣

⁣The very first thing you will notice when you begin using Skin Detox is that the skin looks alive. This is due to the detoxification element of the skin getting a boost. Your skin colour changes and it looks more alive. 🌱⁣

⁣Skin Detox provides a powerful umbrella of antioxidant protection shielding your skin from pollution.


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