Common Skin Mistakes

We've all been there.

Here are some of the MOST common skin mistakes:

  • Making your routine complicated. You should never have more than two serums being used within a three month span. The constant switching and cocktailing makes for a confused face and a compromised barrier. Keep it simple!

  • Using dirty towels. It's a small investment for a huge impact. Toss them into the dirty laundry after each use, it's not worth the potential breakout. (Pillow cases fit into this category as well).

  • Keep the groceries in the fridge. DO NOT fall for the hype. Lemons, honey, tomatoes, etc should never go directly onto your face. Just don't do it.

  • Always do your skin routine after the shower. Your body washes, hair care, and bubble baths are almost usually full of pore-clogging formulas. Opt to wash after in order to thoroughly cleanse the face.

  • Stay away from makeup wipes! Throw the whole thing away. (I would say recycle but you can't even do that much).

  • The SPF in your makeup IS NOT ENOUGH. Always use an acne safe sunscreen after moisturizer and reapply with a spray version of it throughout the day (if you're wearing makeup). Even if it's a rainy day, even if you're indoors. Don't rely on your makeup for sun protection, even CC creams.

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