⁣Cleansing ✨

A cleanser is the first product we always suggest for a client. It is the foundation of a great skin care routine.⁣

⁣There are many who state serums are more important...but we disagree.⁣

⁣Cleansers contain surfactants and many interact with the skin. The wrong cleanser will deplete vital lipids and generate inflammation in the skin. Once cleansers have entered the skin barrier they actually can remain there causing dryness and flaking.⁣

⁣The surfactants we use at Roccoco do not strip the lipids or remain in the skin. They reduce inflammation. They don't strip the skin, they leave it soft and hydrated instead. This means you need to use less of your serums (which are far more expensive).⁣

⁣Using the wrong cleanser- and then a good serum, gets you very mixed results. From the start your skin is compromised and you are fighting an uphill battle.⁣

⁣If your makeup is not sitting well your cleanser could be part of the cause. Invest in a good cleanser and getting the results you want is so much simpler.⁣



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