AHA's vs BHA's

Chemical exfoliants can be extremely helpful in certain cases. I personally tend to lean towards enzymes because of my skin sensitivities, but due to my acne prone skin using Mandelic Acid is a must. Manual scrubs are much too abrasive for the skin and tend to cause unwanted trauma and harm in the skin barrier. However, when dealing with stubborn acne or harsh fine lines and mature skin, sometimes a chemical exfoliant option can be incorporated beautifully!

Best AHA for your skin type:

Glycolic - dry, oily, combination, normal

Lactic - dry, or sensitive

Mandelic - oily, sensitive, acne prone

Citric - dry, oily, combination, normal

Malic - dry, oily, combination, normal

BHA's are most commonly used in acne prone skincare, take Salicylic Acid for example.

You may see this listed as Tropic acid, Trethocanic acid, or Beta Hydroxybutanic acid. BHA's are ideal when dealing with milia, blackheads, and stubborn acneic/oily skin.

Don't let acids intimidate you! All are derived from fruits, and plants. They are non toxic but absolutely must be used responsibly and under an esthetician's guidance when you're unsure about how often, which type to use, and when!



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